Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Huge Scrapbooking Lot for sale $100 OBO

I am cleaning out my craft room, and I am purging a BUNCH of stuff! Seriously, these pictures don't even do the stuff justice. I really just want it all gone. There is literally HUNDREDS of dollars worth of stuff here.

Here are some over all shots of everything included:

Here is the pile of the die cuts. Easily 200+ diecuts. EASILY

Here is my massive collection of full 12 x 12 paper. I don't know quite how many sheets. Definetely hundreds. I measured the stack and it was about 6" tall

Here are six 12 x 12 pads of paper. There are some sheets missing, but they have lots if not most of the paper still included.
Here are full 12 x 12 cardstock paper. 50+ sheets I would guess
Here is my giant collections of decent sized scraps of paper. TONS AND TONS

Here are full 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. Easily over 100 sheets
Here are 20+ sheets of stencils (including a pack of different fonts)
Here are some journaling template sheets
These are transparency over lays. There are 2 full sheets, a packet of most of the sheets still included, and a page of titles with about half of the titles still left.
Here is my massive amount of stickers. seriously the picture doesn't even TOUCH on how much there is. HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS!! about 99% of the stickers sheets have NONE of the stickers missing
Included in the stickers are about 50 Jolie 3-d stickers unopened. Here are a few

Other things included is an UNOPENED Creative Memories personal trimmer, a unopened "fold out scrapbook" -verycool, and an unopened pack of alphabet brads.
Decorative scissors and three hole punches
Also, I have Creative Memories Once Upon a Boy album kit, and the perfect kit "once upon a baby boy". Both unopened as well.
I have already said this, but this lot is HUGE! Definetely worth hundreds of dollars. I really just want to get rid of it. Please contact me with any questions!!!